How much is my referral worth?

You will receive a minimum guarantee of $150 for your first referral who has their roof installed by us. Then for every referral thereafter who has a roof installed you will receive a whopping $200 referral fee. It is at our discretion if we choose to reward you more based on the scope of the project.

Is there a limit on how many I can refer?

No limit. For each referral you send us that has a roof installed by us, you will receive your reward.

When & how do I receive my reward?

Upon your referral completing the installation of their new roof with us, we will send you a check within four weeks of completion.

Is there any bonus reward?

Yes. The customer who has referred the most in current calendar year and each referral has had their roof installed by us, will receive a $1,000 check at year-end. There is only one catch - must have a minimum of 5 referrals in current calendar year.