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Why People Love Their Standing Seam Metal Roofing for 50 Years and Longer

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Standing seam metal roofing is a concealed fastener metal structure with vertical legs and a wide, flat space between the two legs. The roofing system from MBCI is best known for its efficiency and durability. Standing seam metal roofing often comes with a warranty of up to 50 years, the most extended industry standard in the roofing field. These roofs are not only outstanding, but they can also give your home a brand-new feel. Here is why people love their standing seam metal roofing for 50 years and longer.

Weather Tightness

Two fastening systems are available when you buy a metal roof; exposed and concealed. Standing seam panels are concealed fastener metal roofing systems. This is the most weather-tight roofing material. That means the metal roofing system is designed to be water and air-tight.

Because standing seam panels are part of the building structure, they can easily withstand heavy wind and snowfall. Metal also stands up to severe ice. Thus, expect these roofs to stay for many years to come.

Long Lasting and Durable

Standing seam panels are also referred to as lifetime roofs. That means you only need to purchase them once in your lifetime. Think of them as a long-term investment. Standing seam metal roofing systems can last between 50-70 years. This strength makes them ideal for residential and commercial applications.
Standing seam panels’ long-lasting performance also comes from their resistance to harsh weather conditions. These roofs can withstand brutal winds up to 140 mph. They won’t collapse, warp or crack under during torrential rain or snowstorm.

Curb Appeal

A great metal roof can help create a perfect statement for your home. Standing seam roofs looks fabulous and can boost curb appeal. They are clean, stylish and elegant. They also offer a modern, sleek design that can strike the eye. Additionally, the fasteners are concealed, meaning you will not have visible screw heads.

Energy Efficient

There is no doubt that these roofs offer homeowners energy savings. Standing seam roofs are more aerodynamic compared to other roofing systems. They also have a high R-value, meaning they can insulate well. The roofing system can help stave off condensation and minimize heat loss through your attic. They can keep you warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer. The metal also helps to reflect UV rays. This protects your panels from discoloration.


Standing seam roofs are made of lightweight materials that make them easy to handle. They also require less roofing material and can be used in areas with limited roof access, such as sloped or overhanging roofs.

Easy to Maintain

Standing seam panels require low maintenance than other roofing systems. The metal composition is resistant to corrosion and rust. Also, they don’t need an extensive gutter and downspout installation. This saves you time and money.
Inspect the roof frequently to ensure it is in good condition. If you notice any panel problems, contact your metal roofing company in Bradenton, Florida, immediately. An annual inspection of your roof material can keep the roof looking as good as new.

Fire Resistant

The standing seam roof is fire-resistant, which makes it widely used in many fields. The metal can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit before it starts to melt and soften. This roofing system can withstand brutal temperatures twice that of other roofing materials. Installing this roof can reduce the risk of insuring your property.


Standing seam metal roofs are engineered using eco-friendly materials. They are made using 100% recyclable materials. Since standing seam roofs can last many years, fewer end in landfills. This makes them ideal for green building projects.

Customization Options

You can customize your standing seam roofs to fit your preferences, design and architectural needs. These roofs come in different pitches, allowing you to select the best suitable for your home. The panels also allow 6-12 color options. Get in touch with metal roofing company Bradenton to help you choose the design for your home’s architecture.

Strong Return on Investment (ROI)

Standing seam metal roofs can help increase the resale value of your home. They can recoup up to 95% of costs, and these gains in the resale value of 6% over houses roofed with other materials.
It is more challenging to get through these materials than other roofing systems. Additionally, standing metal roofs can be installed with a steel mesh layer underneath to ensure optimal security. Find metal roofing near me for installation services.

Architecture Freedom

Standing seam roofing can be used with complex and sophisticated designs on any structure. That is why architects prefer to use them more and more.


Another benefit of standing seam metal roofs is the warranties, especially weather-tight warranties offered by manufacturers, to ensure their panels will not fail. Or, if it fails, the manufacturer caters to all necessary repair arrangements.

The standing seam metal roofing system is ideal for any building type. These include residential, commercial, structural, architectural and beyond. With the above benefits, standing seam panels will continue winning the hearts of many people.